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About Us

Proforma Mega Marketing Solutions is your hospitality partner. We have worked with over 40 hotels and resorts in the US and across the Caribbean over the past four years, growing by referrals from our client partners, who are like family to us. We believe we give added value because of the following four areas of strength:


TECHNOLOGY – as the technology and business success leader in the industry, our business management technology platform is fully integrated with many of our promotional products, printing, and packaging distributors. Since 2015, we have invested over $15 million dollars in our Provision and ProStores technology platforms and with over 85+ in-house technology team members, we continue to ensure our technology is cutting edge. Our technology allows us to do real time reporting and analytics, and integrate our system with our supplier partners and shipping carriers. This increases our efficiency, and lowers our cost of doing business. We always pass on these savings to our clients.


RELATIONSHIPS – we develop close relationships with all of our clients and get to know their vision for their brand, and find solutions to bring their visions to life, while always protecting their brand integrity.


HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY & BRANDING EXPERTISE – More than half of our current clients are in the hospitality industry. Over the years we have built up strong partnerships with industry vendors, and our extensive experience in the industry and working in the Caribbean has contributed to our success in this area.


ONE SOURCE – we are part of a $500 million dollar buying conglomerate. This excellent buying power and our strong vendor partnerships are how we are able to ensure we give you the best available options at the best prices, and ensure your brand is consistent across all collateral. With over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, our team is ready to partner with you to achieve your goals.Many of our partners love that we are their one source for all of their branding needs. This gives us the opportunity to really get to know your vision for your brand, and find you solutions that align well. You could say we are your marketing agency, without the agency fees. We have an in-house graphic designer, who has worked with many large clients and has over 25 years design experience. Our clients have told us that along the way, because we are always looking for the best options for them, we save them time and ultimately money.

Sales Team

armando pizzuti


karen james

VP finance & administration

deborah lanigan

VP sales & business development

deryk meany

VP sales & development, caribbean region

brian tisserand

sales manager

luis mejia

sales manager

Adam Henriques

VP E-Commerce & Product Development

trish feicke

strategic account manager

geraldine alvarado

account manager

jessica schafer

account manager

Deborah Lanigan
VP Sales & Business Development

Starting in high school, Deborah has worked in the hospitality and print, promotional products and apparel industries her entire life, both in the US and in the Caribbean. Her creative energy and positive outlook on life shines through in everything she does. Everything is possible in her eyes. ‘I love the excitement of the industry, and that every project is a new challenge. “There’s nothing I love more than brainstorming with my clients to find them the best solutions for their brands.” One of the added values that Deborah brings to the table is she understands the markets she is selling to, and the challenges they face, so she goes out of her way to make the process as painless as possible.

Karen James
VP Finance & Operations

A trained chartered accountant, Karen has worked in the fields of general management, auditing, accounting, procurement, and information technology. Before joining Proforma, she introduced digital out of Home advertising to the largest outdoor advertising company in Jamaica where she headed the company. Customer satisfaction is paramount in all that she does - “I enjoy turning a challenge into a win-win situation for our customers”. Karen heads our logistics department and ensures our products are delivered in a timely & efficient manner along with maintaining all our financial and reporting needs.

Trish Feicke
Strategic Account Manager

Jack of all trades, and renaissance woman, Trish is a master of the details from customer service to tracking down the mysterious. She loves putting puzzle pieces together and finding solutions for the most intricate projects. Before joining Proforma, she wore many hats, including one belonging to the local public library system. “I love making something magical happen for our clients!” Trish is our Strategic Account Manager and heads up our customer service department and order processing department.

Geraldine Alvarado
business development & account manager

Marketer by profession, publicist by occupation. Creativity and consumer experiences have traced her path for more than 12 years, a path that she cultivated in Venezuela working for some of the most important mass consumption brands in Latin America. She believes that information is the key to developing effective and efficient proposals that add value to brands but having fun during the process is key to achieving the goals we set for ourselves at work and in life. In this way, finding creative solutions that give brands the push they need to differentiate themselves and generate empathy with their target market, is part of her contribution, with good humor and sometimes, some craziness.

Brian Tisserand
Sales Manager

With nearly 20 years of experience in sales and sales management, Brian has worked in almost every industry you can image. Comfortable managing a team, inside working the phones or outside knocking on doors, Brian has done it all! It’s this broad knowledge and insight that allows him to understand the needs of practically any business. He loves meeting new people, learning about their field and helping them problem solve. Customer service and building relationships are Brian’s top priorities. “If you don’t take care of your clients, someone else will”.